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Every person has a world-view derived from his or her learning, upbringing, culture, experiences and a summation of his or her overarching beliefs.  At Fort é , our founders adhere to a Biblical view of the world and derive our values and meaning from the purposes laid out for us in the Bible.  Because the Bible is our standard for truth, we have counselors that use it as a foundation to help point people to guidelines and principles that may relate to their situations and offer them a Biblical viewpoint to consider as they make choices, when appropriate.

We recognize that not everyone shares the Christian faith and we want to welcome anyone from any background, differing viewpoints/faiths, or orientation.  We value and care about all people and will strive to make every effort to “speak the truth in love” (Ephesians 4:15) and walk alongside you in your journey.  Additionally, we do use an integrated approach to counseling recognizing that “All truth is God’s truth” which is why we do utilize and respect useful tools and ideas from science, philosophy, culture, art, literature, music, medicine, etc.  We use the lens of Scripture to help guide us as we are all constantly learning and growing in life.  We have found that it is truly a joy to be able to share the hope, wisdom, and meaning found in the Bible with others.

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