• Heart Healing by Erica Rivers, LPC-S, CPT, MBA The longer I live, the more I have experienced the beauty and the pain that life has to offer. I know that many of you, from all walks of life and backgrounds, can say the same. I am never bored by watching a squirrel gather up nuts […]
  • STAND STILL By Sandra Lynam, MA, LMFT Have you ever been so afraid that you have the urge to run, escape, to get away from an event, situation or person? I remember a time when I looked for the nearest escape. She was big. To me she was huge. Her name was Becky. She didn’t […]
  • Searching for Silver By Sandra Lynam, MA, LMFT I was 15 1/2 years old when I unexpectedly had the first brain surgery. I’d seen a doctor that morning for what I thought would be a relatively routine visit. After a few moments he told me he would be right back. He came back with another […]
  • By Erica Rivers, LPC, MBA, CPT Some of you may remember way back to 1993 and watching Tom Cruise running through city streets avoiding mafia men in his role as a lawyer in the movie the Firm. The exciting movie was based on the book by writer John Grisham who has since gone on to […]
  • Wrestling with Despair by Erica Rivers,MA, LPC, CPT, MBA Most of us can think about a time when it seemed that everything looked bleak. We may have felt heavy, dreary, and lackluster. There certainly wasn’t a lot of sunshine coming through the clouds. It’s a difficult place to be and a human experience the world […]
  • 5 Ways You May be Self-Sabotaging By Erica Rivers, MA, LPC, CPT Every one of us engages in self-sabotaging behaviors from time to time but sometimes we can get stuck repeating those unhelpful patterns. It’s important to learn to recognize some of those unhelpful habits so that we can intentionally make productive changes. Here’s a […]
  • Nutrient-Focused By Erica Rivers, MA, LPC, CPT, MBA When I started on my journey in the fitness and wellness world, I was in my undergraduate program at Virginia Tech. At that point, as an Exercise Science major, I was largely focused on the impact of exercise on health and paid very little attention to dietary […]
  • Unclenched By Erica Rivers, MA, LPC, CPT, MBA Have you ever had your heart so set on something that you focused on it, worked toward it, and thought you were just about to attain it when it escaped your grasp? Perhaps a new job or a promotion? Or maybe a relationship that you had been […]
  • Why Hypnosis is Not Just for Vampires Erica Rivers, MA, LPC, CPT, MBA Well, we all know that the rage nowadays is stories about vampires and zombies. Here’s the trouble I have with that: Hollywood stole hypnosis… and yep, it did it decades ago. We all have been left with a false image of what […]
  • Get Thee a Movin’! By Erica Rivers, MA, LPC, CPT, MBA In the ever-growing field of physical fitness, we are aware of a plethora of options for exercise. We can Zumba, go hard-core with CrossFit, run a 5k for a cause near and dear to our hearts, or hire a trainer to hold us accountable […]

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