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Hypnosis is a proven therapeutic technique for assisting positive changes in the life of an individual. The mind is divided by conscious and subconscious activity.  The subconscious is a powerful control center of the human body, allowing for the simplest of activities such as reminding you to blink, regulating heart rate, experiencing pain moments before you are aware of it, and even sometimes driving you from home to work and back again. The subconscious mind is also a powerful motivator of the human body.

Hypnosis allows individuals to relax their bodies and mind from all of the outside distractions or stimuli fighting for their attention, and for a period of time to focus on the task at hand. It helps the individual to re-write some of their behavioral patterns in such a way that their subconscious begins to work with them for healthy change, rather than against them.

During a hypnosis session, the individual will relax in a seated or lying down position, in a darkened and quieted room. The Hypnotist or Hypnotherapist will then take the individual through some progressive relaxation therapies to calm the mind and body. Once this relaxation is achieved (some people may fall asleep, and that’s ok!) the Therapist will begin to use different techniques to help re-program the subconscious mind in any area of life from improving confidence to lowering anxiety to pain management. Once the therapist has finished addressing the subject, they will progressively re-awaken the client, and the hypnosis session is over. Most individuals report feeling more alert and rejuvenated at the end of each hypnosis session.

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