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How we deal with adversity differs from one individual to another. Many individuals or couples choose to seek assistance by attending counseling sessions with a Licensed Professional Counselor or Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. Counseling is a time to meet with a  professional who is there to assist you in your healing process and to offer you feedback and perspective. This is accomplished through both you, the willing participant, and the Counselor walking through a number of techniques to achieve wellness.  By visiting this site you have already taken the first step in identifying the need for assistance. Fort é 's counselors are here to assist and support you in this journey.

At Fort é we do our best not to use a cookie cutter approach. After an initial assessment, we will develop an individualized program to meet your specific needs and goals. Most counseling sessions will include traditional talk therapy. This is a method whereby the client is able to express their concerns, issues, etc., and receive verbal feedback from the counselor. At Fort é Counseling we utilize an integrated approach to therapy which may include an ecclectic array of techniques.  We offer individual and marriage counseling in Flower Mound, TX.  We also have counseling services for teenagers and children.

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