The prices of our services may vary depending on the therapist or trainer you work with as well as availability.

The standard rate to meet with a Licensed Professional Counselor or a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist for a 45-50 minute counseling session is $140 and to meet with a Licensed Associate the cost is $95. If finances are a concern, please talk with your therapist at the first meeting.  There are no surprises with pricing, each client determines with their therapist how often they would like to meet and what works for them in working toward their goals.  

4-hour Anger Management course by LPC/LMFT with certificate for court requirement: $500 (Different time requirements can be arranged - please contact office to discuss).

Fitness Training services with a Certified Personal Trainer and/or Certified Pilates Instructor (currently Erica Rivers, CPT only at this time) are $80/50 min session or $780 ($65/session) for a package of 12 sessions (please see for more info on fitness services).  

Cash, check and all major credit cards accepted for payment. Health Savings Account Cards (HSA) may also be used.  

Because we desire to hold to the highest standards of care and to protect the confidentiality and overall well-being of our clients, we have decided not to file insurance as a company that offers mental health services.  There are many concerns regarding the way managed care is handled and we have chosen not to participate in that system.  That said, however, we support whatever is best for our clients and, if they so choose, we can offer a detailed receipt (upon request) that the client can file with their insurance company for the potential of reimbursement.  Forté is considered an out-of-network provider for insurance.  We do NOT file insurance claims - that is the responsibility of the client. We cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed, so please consult your insurance company regarding your mental health benefits and the requirements they have if you intend on using your insurance. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have regarding this policy.  

Legalese note: Per the No Surprises Act from October of 2021, we can offer a Good Faith Estimate document to our clients that is available in written, verbal, and in an accessible format (and in language spoken/requested) when an appointment is made or a service is requested.  That said, the amount you can expect to pay at our office is very clear and super duper basic:  we have a per session rate for counseling and that will be multiplied by however many sessions you choose to schedule.  It is ALWAYS the clients choice if they continue counseling with a therapist and a client can choose to stop counseling at any time.  So, basically, because you choose your scheduling for frequency of sessions and have the ability to end treatment at will, neither your therapist nor Forte Counseling Center can predict or estimate your yearly cost of treatment or the number of sessions that will be completed. 

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