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Therapeutic Fitness Therapeutic Fitness

What is therapeutic fitness?

Therapeutic fitness at Forté is a combination of counseling and personal training. Individuals will work with a Licensed Professional Counselor who is also a Certified Personal Trainer. The sessions may vary depending on the mental and physical needs of the individual. Generally, it will include traditional talk therapy while the client is engaging in physical movement (i.e. on a piece of exercise equipment). The therapy techniques utilized by Fort é may change considerably over the course of treatments depending on the specific needs of an individual.

Fort é believes the best way to treat psychological issues and disorders is through a whole-person approach. Sometimes the best way to treat anxiety isn’t through simply talking through it, but taking action with exercise. In other scenarios,  an effective treatment for depression is a combination of talk and aerobic exercise. Therapeutic fitness allows the therapist to prescribe precisely this approach exploring psychological issues while applying both talk therapy and a physical fitness modality. Some clients make steps towards overcoming a deep sense of shame or failure by discussing these issues with the therapist while going on a walk or run together. Truly engaging the mind and the body together with a Therapist who is both a Certified Personal Trainer and a Licensed Professional Counselor allows the individual to explore these avenues of healing from a truly mind-body-spirit approach.

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